Law, Story Telling, Picture Taking 

By Neville Goddard | February 16, 1965 The following is a transcription of a lecture. Tonight, as I told you recently, is for my friend who is taking flight and she wants the law, so this will be on the law. All things exist in the human Imagination and by all things I mean it… Continue reading Law, Story Telling, Picture Taking 

All That You Behold

By Neville Goddard | April 19, 1969 All that you behold, though it appears without it is within, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow. If you will but enter a state in your imagination, and assume its truth, the outer world will respond to your assumption, for it is your shadow,… Continue reading All That You Behold

The Lord, Our Potter

By Neville Goddard | November 7, 1969 The following is a transcription of a lecture. In the 64th chapter of the Book of Isaiah we read:  O Lord, thou art our Father; we are the clay. Thou art our potter; we are the work of thy hand. When you hear the words Lord, Father, and… Continue reading The Lord, Our Potter

Seedtime and Harvest

The purpose of this book, however, is not to give you a complete definition of Biblical symbols or exhaustive interpretations of its stories. All I hope to have done is to have indicated the way in which you are most likely to succeed in realizing your desires.

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Follow The Pattern

By Neville Goddard | March 25, 1968 The following is a transcription of a lecture. Man is all Imagination and God is Man and exists in us and we in him. The eternal body of Man is the Imagination and that is God Himself. – William Blake We are told that the Bible is the… Continue reading Follow The Pattern

The Hidden Cause

By Neville Goddard | March 28, 1969 The following is a transcription of a lecture. The dream of life unfolds on this level, as well as on a higher one. On this level we see things happen and are given reasons for wars and revolutions, as well as the geological causes for the convulsions of… Continue reading The Hidden Cause

Believe It In

The objective reality of this world is solely produced by the human imagination, in which all things exist. Tonight I hope to show you how to subjectively appropriate that which already exists in you and turn it into an objective fact. Your life is nothing more than the out picturing of your imaginal activity, for your imagination fulfills itself in what your life becomes.
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