Control Your Inner Conversations

By Neville Goddard | April 26, 1971 The following is a transcription of a lecture The whole manifested world goes to show us what use we have made of God’s gift. Receiving a gift does not mean that we are going to use it wisely, but we have the gift. Everyone has the gift; and… Continue reading Control Your Inner Conversations

Experience Scripture 

By Neville Goddard | May 28, 1971 The following is a transcription of a lecture.  To unravel the mystery of Christ from all the interpretations put upon it is quite a different task. We are up against all kinds of misunderstandings of the mystery. Most people believe that it is secular history, and the story… Continue reading Experience Scripture 

Follow The Pattern

By Neville Goddard | March 25, 1968 The following is a transcription of a lecture. Man is all Imagination and God is Man and exists in us and we in him. The eternal body of Man is the Imagination and that is God Himself. – William Blake We are told that the Bible is the… Continue reading Follow The Pattern

The Hidden Cause

By Neville Goddard | March 28, 1969 The following is a transcription of a lecture. The dream of life unfolds on this level, as well as on a higher one. On this level we see things happen and are given reasons for wars and revolutions, as well as the geological causes for the convulsions of… Continue reading The Hidden Cause

Self In Self and Risen

I’ll tell you, from my own experience, when you find the Father, you find your Self. Is not the “I” of waking and the Dreamer one? When you wake in the morning, do you not say, “I had a dream last night”? And you do not think the dreamer of the dream differs from the “I” of waking, do you? So, the “I” of waking and the Dreamer are one.
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The Law and The Promise

The purpose of the story-to-story commentary that follows is to link up … the distinct but never disconnected themes of the fourteen chapters… its claim: Imagining Creates Reality!
To stir you to use The Law constructively in your own life, that is the aim of this book.

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