All That You Behold

By Neville Goddard | April 19, 1969 All that you behold, though it appears without it is within, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow. If you will but enter a state in your imagination, and assume its truth, the outer world will respond to your assumption, for it is your shadow,… Continue reading All That You Behold

The Supreme Ideal

By Neville Goddard | January 21, 1964 The following is a transcription of a lecture. Tonight’s subject is “The Supreme Ideal.” But really this is a misnomer, because it would have to be relative to the level on which man is placed. For what is to me today a supreme ideal would not be my… Continue reading The Supreme Ideal

Coming to Know the Only True God

By Neville Goddard | April 3, 1967 The following is a transcription of a lecture. Tonight’s subject is “Coming to Know the Only True God.” This afternoon someone called, a gentleman, and my wife answered the phone, and he asked, “What is tonight’s subject?” So she asked me, “What is tonight’s subject?” So I told… Continue reading Coming to Know the Only True God

Brazen Impudence

By Neville Goddard | September 27, 1968 The following is a transcription of a lecture.  A new idea will not become part of your common currency of thought until it has been repeated over and over and you begin to live by it. You have been taught to believe that God exists outside of you,… Continue reading Brazen Impudence

Seedtime and Harvest

The purpose of this book, however, is not to give you a complete definition of Biblical symbols or exhaustive interpretations of its stories. All I hope to have done is to have indicated the way in which you are most likely to succeed in realizing your desires.

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The Hidden Cause

By Neville Goddard | March 28, 1969 The following is a transcription of a lecture. The dream of life unfolds on this level, as well as on a higher one. On this level we see things happen and are given reasons for wars and revolutions, as well as the geological causes for the convulsions of… Continue reading The Hidden Cause

The Law and The Promise

The purpose of the story-to-story commentary that follows is to link up … the distinct but never disconnected themes of the fourteen chapters… its claim: Imagining Creates Reality!
To stir you to use The Law constructively in your own life, that is the aim of this book.

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